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Kristine Grace B Estilo | Rosicar E Escober



The purpose of the study was to develop an online internship recommender services which addresses the challenges in matching skills requirements needed for internship training of a Host Training Establishments with an Intern. The study uses Fuzzy Search Algorithm which serves as the intelligent component in order to offer a fast, reliable and efficient Internship Recommendation Services. Furthermore, the study aimed to provide a better administrative management in internship training that served as a bridging gap between Interns, State Universities and Colleges and Host Training Establishments. Fuzzy Search Algorithm works by applying different methods in identifying the minimum edit distance of strings such as insertion, deletion and substitution. Once identified, Fuzzy Search Algorithm will then generate what are the possible closest strings (list of skills requirements) matches to its target string (intern’s skills). With the utilization of this algorithm, TRYWORK can now provide what are the possible recommended job trainings or Host Training Establishments that are available for each intern. Descriptive – Developmental method of research was used by the researchers. The researchers use Stratified Purposeful Sampling and Slovin’s Formula to determine the sample size of respondents from the identified population. The respondent’s level of acceptance towards the developed system in terms of Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Efficiency and Security is Highly Acceptable with a rate of 4.64. Furthermore, the researchers concluded that the TRYWORK has solved the issue by offering recommendations for both Host Training Establishments and Interns. Also, the study provides a map suggesting to an intern what is the nearest distance between a Host Training Establishment and intern and be considered to apply for internship training. TRYWORK provides solution in producing internship reports and analytics which helps in providing better accomplishments within Higher Education Institutions in achieving their desired target goals.