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Cindy April R Dakis | Rosicar E Escober



Dissemination of information plays a vital role in order to uplift the lives of every Filipino, this entails the adaptation of the new information and to be cognizant to the changing world of the industry. Being at par with the industry standards and excellence shows the worthiness to every professional, the continuing strives for excellence of Filipino experts to become globally competitive never stops. Consequently, the fast-changing industry needs makes individual tends to seek a higher leaning in terms of technological and skills development and/or enhancements through educating themselves to different facets of trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops and for them to be authenticated by the PRC board. The question in mind is, what channel to be use? The authenticity of the channel being used? This is where usually the problem arises. The Green Light Mobile Application determines the level of agreements to professionals in terms of continuing professional development thru CPD act of 2016 and the status of the CPD Credit Units. The services will be carried out by the implementation of the Green Light application for ease of use and convenience through a real time – interactive monitoring of CPD Units and a proper allocation of trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops to individuals who desires to renew their respective licenses. The information from CPD Provider and from the internet will be sent to their mobile accounts and other transactions like monitoring, knowing and notification will be accessible via mobile technology which gives individuals an abrupt information perceptive. Professionals greatly needed an application to ease their access to the PRC services and seminars, socially, they need something that will provide them an easy way of accessing it, removing the barriers of issues and concern of affordability and accessibility.