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Phenotypic Distribution of ABO Blood Groups between Cosmopolitan and Regional Population of Lucban, Quezon

Wilfredo B. Barrera Jr.

Discipline: Public Health



The distribution of ABO blood groups varies among different populations and geographical locations. The phenotypic frequencies of ABO blood types as well as its relationship with locality and sex of individuals were determined by considering regional and cosmopolitan population. Standard agglutination technique using in-situ slide test method was performed on the blood samples. It was revealed that both populations were mainly dominated by blood type O and least dominated by type AB. The two populations also exhibit higher number of female individuals. Statistical analysis further showed that the populations are currently in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, frequency of blood groups is not significantly different in the two sexes, and blood group distribution varies between localities. The predominance of blood type O in the population indicates a readily available supply of blood when it is needed.