HomeInternational Journal on Social Innovation & Researchvol. 9 no. 1 (2018)

The Impact of Networking to the Marketability of Non-Terapeutic Supplements: Basis for Tree-Year Marketing Plan

Benita A Meneses | Elena L Bagtas | Mary Ann M Cruz | Rejoice Lim | Ferrer L Pelegrin | Mark Anthony L Pelegrin



Multi-level marketing or MLM schemes are one of the fastest growing types of business. Te purpose of this paper is to analyze the impact of networking to the marketability of non-therapeutic supplements. It is still one of the best tools of relationship marketing not only to gain long-term profts but to establish strong business relationship inside the distribution channels. Tis study will be benefcial as it will measure the impact of networking to the marketability of nontherapeutic supplements. Te data were gathered from 100 respondents using non-probability sampling with Descriptive-Quantitative design. Te instrument used survey-questionnaires with respondents from CAMANAVA area. Te result showed that most buyers are consumers only who preferred to purchase skin care supplements in drugstores and are being influenced by family or relatives. Te researchers recommend that networking companies formulate distinct research and development; lawmakers should make comprehensive public policy for consumer protection, society must deepen their knowledge on the salient points of networking business and future researchers should explicate other dimensions of networking strategy that will guide the business.