HomeThe Trinitian Researchervol. 9 no. 1 (2017)

Lifestyle of Employees of a Selected University in Metro Manila: Inputs to Human Resource Development Towards an Improved Organizational Performance

Rodelio L. Bathan

Discipline: Multidisciplinary



This is a descriptive quantitative study which explores the lifestyle of employees of a higher education institution. In the survey of 163 employees which comprises of administrators, faculty and non-teaching personnel, it was found out that adherence to health-promoting behaviors specifically the intake of nutritious food and carrying out healthy physical activities are less observed than socialization, stress management, mental stimulation, and spiritual activities. The study showed that administrators, because of the nature of their work, are less able to observe health-promoting lifestyle. Given these findings, employers can carry out initiatives that will promote healthy lifestyle among employees particularly in the area of nutrition and physical activities.