HomeThe Trinitian Researchervol. 9 no. 1 (2017)

Exploring the Relationships between Workload, Role Conflict and Interpersonal Relationship on Work-Life Balance of Government Employees in Metro Manila

Michaela Bernadette Corre | Isabela Marymar Fortuna | Ruiz Christopher Mariano | Mary Margarett Valerio | Kathrina Rose Menor | Pedrito A. Aton

Discipline: Multidisciplinary



This study explored the relationship between workload, role conflict and interpersonal relationship with the work-life balance of government employees. The study was participated by 348 government employees from various public agencies within Metro Manila who responded to the questionnaire adapted from the study of Razak (2014). Workload and role conflict are rated average while interpersonal relationship and work-life balance are given high ratings by the respondents. Results also showed that the workload is not correlated with work-life balance whereas role conflict and interpersonal relationship are correlated with work-life balance. Role conflict is negatively correlated while interpersonal relationship is positively correlated. Human resources practices in the government office are recommended to be structured based from these results.