HomeSPU Research Journal on Global Educationvol. 2 no. 1 (2017)

Global Education Integration in Paulinian Education

Emolyn M. Iringan



This descriptive research aimed to investigate on the extent of global education (GE) integration in Paulinian education as measured in terms of the participants’ degree of familiarity on GE, their GE-related classroom experiences as well as the knowledge, values and skills they acquired. Study participants include randomly selected faculty (n=81), students (n=750) and alumni (n=260) both in the tertiary and graduate school levels. Alumni participants included in the study were graduates for the past three years (A.Y. 2014-2015 to A.Y. 2016-2017). A developed questionnaire which was based on meta-analysis of existing body of literature on GE was the main research instrument. The validity and the reliability of the questionnaire were ensured prior to data gathering. The inter-rater reliability of the research instrument yielded a Cronbach alpha of 0.081. Obtained data were treated using frequency counts, means, scales and Analysis of Variance. Results reveal that participants have high level of familiarity on GE and experienced GE integration in classroom instruction at a extent. These were considered predictors of their very high knowledge level on GE and their very high level of acquisition of the skills and values necessary for sustaining a just and humane global society. Generally, F-tests values yielded no significant results in all tested variables with respect to defined grouping schemes, except for departmental grouping comparisons on the participants’ experiences on GE integration on the classroom. Post-hoc test results show that SITE students’ exposure to GE integrated instruction were limited as compared to students in the rest of the departments. Based on the results, a revisit and refinement of the Dynamic Instructional Plan of the University will be undertaken to ensure the integration of GE in lessons where appropriate.