HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2019)

Collection Evaluation of Saint Michael College of Caraga – Learning Resource Center

Lilibeth A Bajoyo

Discipline: Education



This collection evaluation is a process of assessing library materials through collection mapping. Tis should be done regularly to monitor the library collection. The study aimed to evaluate the library collection of Saint Michael College of Caraga Learning Resource Center. The method being employed in this study descriptive method. It specifically used the quantitative and document analysis approach. The study was focused on the library collection of nine (9) programs offered at Saint Michael College of Caraga. The main research instruments are CHED Memorandum Order common to all programs. So, the results of the study would be the basis in formulating a collection development plan for SMCC-Learning Resource Center. The study disclosed that for the last five years, in terms of print resources particularly in periodicals, mostly all programs have enough resources to be used while in print books, majority of the subjects in each program do not have enough or have no available resources at all. The same with non-print; most of the subjects do not have available materials. While the electronic resources (computer-based), all subjects in each program has no available subscribed resources for users. Tus, the result of the study shows that the library collection of Saint Michael College of Caraga-Learning Resource Center is not enough to support the program offered and meet the demands of the curriculum and different information needs of its users.