HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2019)

Challenges Experienced by the Student Teachers of Philippine College Foundation During Their Practice Teaching

Clent Gale Dacanay | April Grace Otida | Charlyn Panganduyon | Felix E Arcilla Jr.

Discipline: Education



Student teaching practice is known to expose student teachers to the actual practice of teaching The main objective of this study was to determine the challenges experienced by the student teacher of Philippine College Foundation during their practice teaching. The participants were the five BEED, who graduated on March 2017 at Philippine College Foundation and the selected three cooperating teachers of Philippine College Foundation Elementary Department. A self- made lead Questions were used in the individual and keyinformant Interview was conducted with their cooperating teacher. The researchers transcribed and interpreted the interview results; themes were extracted to get the information on the challenges they experienced as a student teacher during their practice teaching. Findings revealed that all the participants have multiple challenges that need to be managed before going into student teaching to make student teaching a pleasant experience. It was recommended that there should be a seminar and workshop before sending the student teachers to the field and proper orientation must be done so that they would know what they are doing inside the classroom. Lastly, the student teachers should follow the cooperating teacher’s advice as well as the critiques of the modules to have at peace with the teacher and serves as their guide.