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Determinants of Pension Funds Planning for Family in East Nusa Tenggara Society (Southwest Sumba), Indonesia

Indhira Putri | Iramani Iramani



Prosperity in old age is the ideal of every human being, where workers can enjoy all activities or the preference they could not do during work time. Tis prosperous pension period will be realized if the individual is able to apply financial knowledge well, has the ability to manage finances, has future-oriented thinking, sets aside income received each month for well-prepared pension, and reduces high materialistic characters. Tis research aimed to figure out the relationship of financial knowledge, future orientation, income, materialism and financial management to pension fund planning in the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) society (Southwest Sumba). The analysis technique used was Partial Least Square (PLS) assisted by WarpPLS software. Respondents selected in this research were 137 people with the criteria of having domiciled in Southwest Sumba regency, employed and having a minimum income of Rp. 3,000,000 per month.Based on the analysis conducted, the results stated that future orientation and materialismhad a relationship to pension fund planning, financial knowledge and income had no relationship to pension fund planning and financial management did not mediate the relationship between financial knowledge and pension plan planning.