HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Business Administration Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Quality Customer Services a Private Higher Education Institution

Cherry G Arances | Edrin Kate N Salingay | April Rose D Ganados | Ana Marie Rejas



Customers are the absolute need of the organization. It is the only reason for being in business; hence, they should be delighted. Te study aims to determine the quality of customer services of Saint Michael College of Caraga in areas of School Registrar, School Accounting, and Electronic Data Processing. Tis study utilized the descriptive method attempted to gather data and collect existing information related to this study. Te respondents were the personnel, parents, and the students of Saint Michael College of Caraga. Te fndings show that the refnement of the service quality would be useful in improving customer satisfaction and customer retention. Te researchers found out that majority of the respondents are moderately satisfed with the quality customer services of the facilities. It only shows that the School Registrar, Accounting, and Electronic Data Processing had performed their duties moderately towards their customers. Tus, the researchers recommend the enhancement program for the personnel in charge in the School Registrar, Accounting and Electronic Data Processing for the betterment of their services.