HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Business Administration Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction Among Personnel

Aisa Bitco | Joje Nathalie Dael | Jae Mallie Macarayan | Carl Anthony Salvo



The study aimed at assessing practical work-family conflict and job satisfaction, thus, exploring the prevalence of work-family conflict and the association between work-family conflict and job satisfaction level. The researchers were also apt to consider the common family conflict and job satisfaction as perceived by the full-time teaching basic education and full-time teaching college among the respondent, as well as to find any signifcant relationship between work-family conflict and job satisfaction. There were 66 respondents, 86% of them answered the survey questionnaire, 31 and 26 were full-time teaching personnel in Basic Education and College respectively. Based on the gathered data and statements, it was implied that respondent personnels of SMCC are not that much affected in their work and family conditions disagreeing mostly in the survey. It also showed that the management and work environment contributes greatly to the respondents’ job satisfaction followed by the salary, incentives, benefts, and packages they received. As a part of an assessment an intervention marketing program designed by the researchers and was developed based on the gathered results on the respondents. With a program title “SMCC Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction Intervention Program.