HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Business Administration Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Assessment of the Talaandig Knowledge of Good and Evil

Murphy E Arcilla | Felix E Arcilla Jr. | Veneracion G Cabana



The Talaandig is one of the seven lumad tribes in the province of Bukidnon. Tis applied -quantitative survey research used a researcher-prepared questionnaire checklist of good and evil deeds based on biblical principles. Thirty Talaandig residents of a Talaaandig settlement in Bukidnon were the respondents of the study. It is concluded that indigenous peoples such as the Talaandigs have in their core belief basic knowledge of good and evil parallel to the provisions in the Ten Commandments, illustrating that knowledge of good and evil is embedded in the psyche of human beings originating from the perfection of Eden and the entrance of evil resulting from the Fall of Adam and Eve into sin. Based on the findings of this study, the following are recommended. To employ the concepts of good and evil being inherent in the core belief of the Talaandig as opening wedge to reach these people group with the gospel. (a) Their highest good deed being sacrifice for the sake of another is a perfect idea to teach about the sacrifice of Jesus for the sake of humanity, to bring reconciliation between God and man. (b) “Killing being their highest evil deed followed by coveting, living together without marriage and stealing can be used effectively to teach about the principles of the Ten Commandments.