HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Business Administration Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Awareness and Impact of Cybercrime Among Selected University Undergraduates in Nigeria

Mutahir O Abanikannda



This study examined the awareness and impact of cybercrime among selected university undergraduates in Osun state, Nigeria. A descriptive research of the survey type was adopted, 250 undergraduates who were randomly selected across five universities across the state. A validated and reliable questionnaire was used as an instrument. Data collected were analyzed using frequency count of responses, simple percentages and relative importance index. Findings indicated that undergraduates are aware of the identities of cyber criminals based on the activities they engage in and a large percentage of the population of university undergraduates in Osun state are involved in cybercrime. The findings further revealed some well-known cybercrimes as well as the negative impacts of cybercrime on university undergraduates. The study concluded Undergraduates across universities have turned cybercrime into a way of living. Resulting from this study, it is clear that undergraduates in Nigeria’s universities are becoming deeply involved in acts of cybercrime and some of them don’t even know the gravity of the offenses they are committing even though some do. It was recommended that Students in tertiary institutions should also abstain from any illegal or criminal acts while using the internet not to become criminals without even knowing