HomeAsian Journal of Biodiversityvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Biodiversity and Status of Butterflies in the Vicinity of Mountain View College, Mt. Nebo, Valencia City

James B. Sumagaysay | Charity Joy B. Sumagaysay

Discipline: Bio-Diversity, Entomology



To establish a local data base on butterfly composition and richness, biodiversity of species were determined at the Agriculture Garden, Balambangan Area, Hydro II Mini-forest and Malingon Mini-forest sites of Mountain View College using 40 m line transect sampling. BIOPRO software version 2 was used in the analyses. Survey showed 49 species, 33 genera, and 5 families of butterflies. One species (2.0%) was very common, 22 species (44.9%) were common, 10 species (20.4%) were rare, and 16 species (32.7%) were undetermined. From highest to lowest, diversity indices were Malingon Mini-forest (H=1.519), Hydro 2 Mini-forest (H=1.415), Agriculture Garden (H=1.176), and Balambangan Area (H=1.146). Bray-Curtis analysis revealed 2 clusters of habitats. Cluster 1 (81% similarity) at Malingon and Hydro II Mini-forests had dense trees, river systems, and nectar sources which probably favoured the presence of rare and endemic species. Cluster II (73% similarity) at Agriculture Garden and Balambangan Area had human settlements, sparse tree distribution and inhabited by the common species. These results suggest that the highest diversity which includes rare and endemic 143 species could be found in dense forest habitat with presence of water sources and minimal human disturbance. Continued monitoring will establish population and species richness trends and inform ecological measures to preserve endemic and rare species.