HomeSoutheast Asian Journal of Teaching and Innovationvol. 1 no. 1 (2019)


Bryan L Cancio



The study aimed to determine the predictors of MAPEH performance of the Grade 10 students. The study employed a descriptive - predictive design which was directed on describing and predicting the factors on MAPEH performance of students. There was 120 Grade 10 students of F. Bangoy National High School acted as respondents of the study. They were randomly selected as part of the different sections in Grade 10. The researcher made use of Mean and Standard Deviation, Multiple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression Model Building as tools in the analysis of data. The results revealed that instruction, learning environment and administration were the only predictors among the five variables that significantly influenced the MAPEH performance of Grade 10 students. Hence, the model must be used to predict the outcomes of the students’ performance in MAPEH.