HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Web-Based Information System for Community and Extension Services Department’s Makipamuhay Partner Communities

Renjude Lyndonn Y. Felix | Kris Lorenzo N. Bernabe | Michael Paul D. Lacap

Discipline: Information Technology



The study aimed to develop a web-based information system for Community and Extension Services Department’s Makipamuhay partner communities. It was proposed to improve data handling, distribution of information, and support for cross referencing.


Iterative Life Cycle Model was used to develop the system. This model is a software development process in which the phase previously done can be repeated if ever errors or flaws are found during the cycle. The study conducted a need assessment test to the selected respondents to determine the feasibility of the proposed system. A positive feedback in the evaluation of the system was noted both in the back-end, with the average score of 92.26%, and front-end, in which, the evaluation was excellent.


The study recommended that administrators should always update the website to have accurate and latest news about Makipamuhay. Further, the system could be made more appealing to the users by enhancing its designs. Lastly, the system could also be linked to the official website of the Colegio.