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Validation of the Students’ Perception on Internationalization Instrument

Ma. Niña I. Adriano



This correlational research aims to validate the internationalization instrument by Iuspa (2013) using structural equation modelling. In order to explore the relationship of these factors to students’ perception of internationalization, a total of 388 respondents were used to assess the overall fit of the proposed model and to test the hypotheses using covariance-based structural equation modelling. The modified survey questionnaire of Iuspa (2013) on internationalization was used as an instrument to gather data. The findings revealed contrasting results on the fit indices. RMSEA and CFI showed a good fit while chi-square, NLI, and TFI showed poor fit. To address the discrepancy, the researcher assessed the fit of each construct and its items individually whether there are any items that are particularly weak. These were excluded from the questionnaire since based on content, the items must be maintained under said dimensions. The items were then rerun in AMOS resulting in improved factor loadings. The 26-item instrument has been reduced to 24 items, with factor loadings of each item at .05 or higher.