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A Tracer Study of the Employment Status of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Graduates of the Baliuag University from School Year 2005-2006 to 2009-2010

Elenita A. Clemente | Flordeliza A. Castro | Alora Erica S. Salcedo | Michele G. Mendoza



The main objective of this study is to determine the employment status of the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management graduates for the past five years from SY 2005-2006 to SY 2009-2010. The study utilized the descriptive survey method using questionnaire as the main source of data. A total of 186 respondents participated in the study. Findings revealed that majority of the graduate respondents were employed and regular or permanent in their present job positions. Most of their present job positions were aligned with the hospitality industry and that includes Restaurant Supervisor, Seafarer, Front Office Staff and Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Head Cook/Chef and other related fields. Most of the graduates have been staying in their present jobs from one (1) year to less than four (4) years. Majority of the graduates were employed in their first jobs in the rank and clerical positions within a month to six months and stayed for seven (7) months to less than three (3) years. Graduate-respondents have been committed and motivated to stay in their present jobs because of the salaries and benefits, career challenge and relatedness to the course/program they finished. Human relations skills and communication skills were the most useful competencies learned by the graduates. Moreover, additional practical applications and hands-on activities including additional practicum venues abroad are on the top list of suggestions of the respondents on how BU could further improve its BS Hospitality Management program.