HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 19 no. 1 (2017)

Development and Validation of an Interactive Teaching Module for Teaching Industrial Security Management

Monette G. Tenorio | David Eric S. Oreta | Dennis Albert N. Gonzales



Using Rapid Application Development (RAD), this study aimed to design an instructional material for teaching Industrial Security Management. Results revealed that the developed interactive module made the learners more participative in the different modes of the learning environment. It also helped lessen the burden of monotonous conventional form of teaching among learners because of its different features and design. It has specific topics that helped students understand the course easily. The interactive module also helped them grasp the subject matter at their own pace and enabled them to have enough time to understand the topic through the different interactive activities. Likewise, the faculty were convinced that the interactive module can encourage the learners to focus their attention on the operation of application and become more attentive to the module. They agreed that the lectures presented are attainable and measurable as it provided detailed information to what the students should be learning. The interactive module can also allow the learners to be more creative and imaginative through the interactive activities presented. Meanwhile, the IT experts believed that the interactive module is easy to understand and has the capability to demonstrate the actual task for the user to perform. They also agreed that the IM has the capacity to handle large amount of data necessary to deliver the lectures required. The software is also capable of guiding the learners to avoid mistakes and provide pleasing interactions to its users. Furthermore, they are convinced that the software is suitable and functional among students because it provides information on the topics for better teaching and learning experience. It is recommended that the interactive module be used as teaching material for Industrial Security Management. As it is found an effective tool for teaching, other professors should also develop similar materials for other professional subjects such as Criminalistics.