HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 19 no. 1 (2017)

Development and Validation of an Interactive Teaching Module for Statics of Rigid Bodies

Evangeline L. Constantino | Roselyn A. Maaño | Erwin G. Ellazar | Dhon Nino B. Canela



To address problems concerning the teaching-learning process in the college of engineering in MSEUF, the development and validation of interactive teaching modules for Statics of Rigid Bodies was undertaken. The instructional material for Statics of Rigid Bodies was prepared based on the Course Syllabus of the professor referring to the CHED CMO for engineering courses. Rapid Application Development enabled the researchers to develop and construct the interactive module and Joint Application Development for the detailed design of the system. The evaluation on the developed interactive module showed that IT experts strongly agree that the system is complete, correct and appropriate and performs efficiently; while the students are very much interested on the module,because they found it easy to understand but the exercises are moderately difficult to answer. They also believed that the module enhanced their knowledge, skills and attitude. The faculty respondents strongly agree that the module is very much acceptable, relevant and useful to the needs of the students; lessons are very much measurable; and the content is very attractive. The students improved their knowledge and skills as shown from the compared T-test results of pretest and posttest