HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 19 no. 1 (2017)

A Data Mining Approach on MSEUF Student Records: A Foundation for the Development of an Analytics-based Student Classification System

Rodrigo C. Belleza Jr. | Raymond S. Bermudez | Roselyn A. Maaño



The research has deliberately explored the collected student data that revealed useful patterns and insights towards the development of an analytics-based decision support system. Application of data mining techniques on the data revealed useful patterns and insights that can be used in the development of effective action plan, programs and policies on the key processes of MSEUF. The analyticsbased decision support student classification system presents student data based on analytics of previous records that can be used in the monitoring of new students applications and enrollment status. Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS was used for the preliminary analysis and model building and has resulted in some useful insights on data gathered. The output of the study will equip MSEUF management with a tool that will provide insights from historical data that will be useful in developing effective programs in the areas of marketing and promotion, class scheduling, resource allocation and academic decision-making.