HomeMSEUF Research Studiesvol. 19 no. 1 (2017)

A Microcontroller-based Honey Moisture Content Monitoring and Control System

Pedro Jose L. De Castro | Ronaldo C. Maaño | Susana C. De Castro



Beekeeping is a unique primary industry in the Philippines that provides added income and livelihood mainly coming from producing honey. Honey is the prime output of commercial beekeepers. In processing honey, its moisture content (MC) is a very important concern to consider. Honey, unlike most foods, does not spoil over time. The freshness of honey is dependent on an acceptable moisture level which is a key factor to avoid spoilage through yeast fermentation. The research presented a different way to monitor the honey moisture content of honey which aims to aid the beekeepers to do their everyday task. Humidity monitoring is supervised by a beekeeper to maintain honey from accumulating excessive moisture. However, keeping the honey very dry with the use of a manual refractometer is an infuriating task of a beekeeper requiring extra time and effort. The researchers have carried out the process of physical computing and a prototype was developed using microcontrollers, sensors and other hardware modules that can be used to the development of a monitoring system for honey moisture. A testing and evaluation of the prototype were initiated and the system was found to be able to detect changes in moisture content. The results of testing and evaluation reveal that the system can be used in the automation process of honey moisture content monitoring.