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Experiences of Science Teachers in the Implementation of Senior High School Program

Gina B. Adion | Joji D. Linaugo



The primary purpose of this study was to vividly describe how Science teachers cope with the challenges met in order to become effective facilitators of learning to Senior High School students. Utilizing narrative inquiry as research design, the following themes emerged from four teachers who satisfy the inclusion criteria and voluntarily agreed to be conversation partners for the study: (a) educational attainment and training equipped the teachers to face the challenges of the curriculum; (b) lack of facilities did not deter them to become efficient; (c) a conducive environment helped them achieve an effective teaching-learning outcome; (d) diversified intelligence of the students encouraged them to be more innovative in their teaching style; (e) upgrading instructional materials to suit the needs of the learners helped them achieve their desire to help students learn; (f) their work experiences prior to current position added confidence to face the challenges in the field; (g) teachers were able to address the needs to promote a meaningful and effective learning; and, h) they have dealt with the difficulties and challenges through a learner - centered approach. Rigors of findings were established using thick description for transferability, checking-rechecking for confirmability, data triangulation for dependability, and member checking for credibility.