HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 28 no. 1 (2019)

Determining the Water Quality of Egaña River at the Province of Antique, Philippines

Rolando A. Alimen | Zima I. Tarantan | Antonio E. Nonesco



This study determined the water quality of the Egaña River situated at Sibalom, Antique, Philippines. This study employed a descriptive-quantitative research design using laboratory analysis as the main source of data. The researchers submitted 2 bottles at 1000 mL (1000mL at the up-stream and 1000mL at the down-stream of the river) each of sample of water taken from the river was submitted to the Chemistry Laboratory of Central Philippine University, Iloilo City for physico-chemical and biological data-analysis. Color of the water sample has 10 TCU which is twice the required Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. Turbidity of the water sample is 1.27 NTU which is very low compared to 5 NTU as standard for turbidity. The odor of water at the downstream of the river has no odor which also conforms to the standard as “unodorous.” Temperature at the downstream of water sample has 29.1 0 C which is lower than the standard 300 C. This would also imply that vegetation covers the river and prevents water temperatures from rising too fast on bright sunny days. Standard for conductivity is 800 uS and the water sample has 23.3 mS which is lower than standard. For the Chemical, alkalinity of the downstream water sample obtained an alkalinity value of 126 mg/L which is less than the standard of 300 mg/L. The acidity of the downstream water sample obtained 2.0 mg/L for acidity which is also very much lower to the standard 240-300 mg/L. The pH of 8.15 was obtained which is within in the standard 6.5-8.5 mg/L. The results show that the water from the Egaña River of Sibalom, Antique is free of fecal coliform as indicated in the laboratory analysis of the Chemistry Department, Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines.