HomeAsian Journal of Biodiversityvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

Diversity Pattern of Butterfly Communities (Lepidoptera) at Mangrol Region of Kathiawar Peninsula, India

Ashokkumar Vaghela | Poonam Bhadja | Varsha Trivedi

Discipline: Science, Bio-Diversity



Butterflies (Lepidoptera) being potent pollinators and ecological indicators are examined in the present study. The diversity of butterfly communities of the Kathiawar Peninsula (tropical and subtropical region) was studied at Mangrol region of Kathiawar Peninsula. The pollard walk method was followed for observing butterflies. A total 348 specimens belonging to 27 species, 21 genera and 4 families were recorded in the study sites. Among the butterfly species maximum populations were recorded of Family Nymphalidae (55.56%) followed by Pieridae (22.22%), Papilionidae (14.81%) and Lycaenidae (7.41%). Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative community structure in relation to four study sites of the Butterfly species density (29.00) and relative density (26.96) were highest in sampling Site Mangrol where as species diversity index (H’) were also highest (04.14).

D. squamulosum, Hemitrichia calyculata, Lycogala sp., Perichaena chrysosperma, P. pedata, Physarum compressum, P. globuliferum, P. melleum, Physarum sp., Stemonitis sp., S. fusca, and S. herbatica. Among the collected species, A. cinerea was recorded to be the most abundant. Ten species were noted as rare. This is the first report of myxomycetes in Mt. Makulot, Cuenca, Batangas.