HomeAsian Journal of Biodiversityvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

Philippine-endemic and Mindanao-endemic Bird Communities on Canticol and Mt. Hilong-hilong, Philippines

Sherryl L. Paz | Dusit Ngoprasert | Olga M. Nuñeza | Neil Aldrin D. Mallari | George A. Gale

Discipline: Bio-Diversity



The study assessed the Philippine-endemic and Mindanao-endemic bird communities of two mountains in Agusan del Norte – Canticol, Tubay and Mt. Hilong-hilong, Remedios T. Romualdes (RTR) from September to November, 2008 using eight-minute fixed-radius point counts. Habitat variables included vegetation structure, elevation, slope and incidence of anthropogenic disturbance. Non-linear regression analysis and AICc model selection were used to determine the habitat variables that influence the richness and abundance of endemics in the two sites. Canticol had lower mean density of large and medium trees and higher degree of anthropogenic disturbance than Mt. Hilong-hilong. There were 31 Philippineendemic birds (four threatened) and three Mindanao-endemics (one threatened) on Canticol while there were 39 Philippine-endemics (seven threatened) and six Mindanao-endemics (three threatened) on Mt. Hilong-hilong. The diversity of endemics was significantly higher on Mt. Hilong-hilong (H’=2.31). The study suggests that the two sites need conservation attention to prevent forest loss and endangerment of the threatened endemics. Vegetation structure and elevation had the greatest influence on the endemic bird communities in the two sites. Adequate regeneration of the disturbed sites in the region must also be prioritized as part of a long-term management strategy.