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Knowledge and Practices of Biosafety among Medical Technologists Working in Selected Clinical Laboratories in Iloilo City, Philippines

Maria Benneth Caberoy-Palec | Ma. Pilar S Malata



This study was conducted to assess the knowledge on biosafety and concomitant practices of medical technologists working in clinical laboratories in Iloilo City, Philippines. Employing a self-reported questionnaire, pertinent data were generated from chief medical technologists, section heads and personnel working in private or public, institution-based or free-standing, tertiary or secondary DOH-accredited clinical laboratories from January to March 2017. Of the 167 participants, 61.7% were from ages 21-30 years old and most of them were females (81.4%). The over-all level of biosafety knowledge of the medical technologists was good, and their practices of the BSL2 standards was average. In conclusion, this study revealed that medical technologists working in tertiary laboratories have higher biosafety knowledge and remarkable practice of biosafety level 2 standards. However, respondents have inadequate biosafety knowledge on engineering controls and practice in the areas of containment equipment and laboratory facilities, respectively, thereby emphasizing the need for more biosafety trainings and updates, and corresponding reinforcement of biosafety programs for laboratory personnel.

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