HomeMST Reviewvol. 21 no. 2 (2019)

In Action: Pope Francis’ Diplomacy of Peace

Angeli Francis S. Rivera



This study is an analysis of Pope Francis’ responses to humanitarian crises of his time, bringing with him the image of the Church as a stabilizing force of its kind in international relations. A historical survey of his constructive interactions with contemporary religious and political leaders is incorporated in this study to illustrate his unique style in building momentum for sustainable peace. Furthermore, to demonstrate consistency and distinction in diplomatic approaches, a brief comparison with the techniques of his immediate predecessors, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, is likewise integrated. Pope Francis’ style for peace is a wellloved manifestation of the iconic “culture of mercy,” which attempts to dissolve deep-rooted prejudices among peoples. The Church, a mystery of communion that engages the Gospel with the fast-paced world, has an excellent communicator in Pope Francis who can take the double role of a shepherd and a diplomat.