HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Island Sustainabilityvol. 29 no. 2 (2017)

Academic practices and learning challenges of Bachelor of Science in Nursing students at the Catanduanes State University

Lilibeth I. Tubalinal | Erlinda F. Tabor



This study evaluates the academic practices at the Catanduanes State University, College of Health Sciences Department of Nursing (CSU-CHSDN) among its senior BS Nursing students enrolled in the AY 2015-2016. It specifically aims to identify the academic practices experienced by the students and their learning challenges and impressions on academic practices. A descriptive-mixed research method was used to capturing the quantitative and qualitative data of this study with survey questionnaire was administered and Focus Group Discussion. The learning challenges identified by the respondent-participants include coping with academics and social life, time constraints either secondary to too many requirements or using time beyond schedule, quite knowledgeable professors that forfeit the role of a facilitator, reporting misconstrued for independent learning, professors who exceeded time allotment for the session, professors committed to their designations/ duties who have lesser focus on instruction, scheduling of laboratory/RLE before the lecture class, coverage of evaluation incongruence to time allotment, and incongruence in the procedural steps performed in the skills laboratory and in the affiliating hospital.