HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Intranet Exam Generator (IEXGEN)

Lexter Ian C. De Lima | Richard M. Belen | Lorenzo Ruiz S. Pabalan

Discipline: Information Technology



This study aimed to develop a computer-based exam generator that would serve as a tool in providing fast and reliable examination and eliminate the paper and pencil method. It also aimed to generate questions randomly in order to avoid cheating during the examination and to provide a system that would automatically check the examination and develop an exam generator that contains an item analysis that will identify which item got the most number of wrong answers.


The Intranet Exam Generator (IEXGEN) provides a LAN based exam generator that allows instructor/s to input questions which automatically generate a quiz or an exam for each student in class. It supports several types of examinations: multiple choice, true or false, identification, enumeration, and essay. The instructor can use his/her previous self-made exam for future references. The system is also capable of monitoring a particular question in which that a student finds difficult to answer.


The system was developed using the Iterative Life Cycle Model while convenient sample design was used to test if it would have a high demand in the commercial market.


The respondents gave an overall agreeable feedback to the system during the evaluation, thus, it was recommended to implement the system in schools for this would give tremendous impact on technological development.