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HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 30 no. 1 (2020)

Improvised Microscope Camera Adapter: An Innovative Technique in Upgrading Old Microscopes in Teaching Biology

Nero M. Paderes | Jhanelle Q Paderes



The study was carried out to evaluate the efficiency of an improvised digital microscope camera adapter as an innovative technique in upgrading old microscopes used in teaching biology. The educational materials for student’s and teachers’ models were used to develop and evaluate the said device. Students from the Senior High School, Grade 10 Special Science Class in the Junior High of Abra High School together with the science teachers of the said institution and teachers from DepEd and CHED enrolled in Ph.D. in science education at Don Mariano Marcos State University MLUC served as evaluators of the improvised digital microscope camera adapter. The majority of the evaluators both the students and the teachers found the improvised digital microscope camera adapter as Strongly Appropriate (SA), Strongly Acceptable (SA) and Strongly Usable (SU). Results showed that the improvised digital microscope camera adapter captured their interest and curiosity and realized its positive impact on the field of microscopy. The said adapter was tested using various prepared specimens and images taken were compared with pictures obtained from images online captured by commercial digital microscopes. It was found out that the improvised digital microscope camera adapter produces images equal to that of the commercial digital microscopes. The fabrication of the device at low cost can help academic institutions in the country lacking the necessary fund to upgrade their existing old microscopes digitally.