HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 30 no. 1 (2020)

The Initiatives of LGU Dolores, Abra on Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Rhea A Quileza



This study was conducted to determine the initiatives of the local government unit of Dolores, Abra. It looked into the programs and ordinances of the LGU, the preparedness of the LGU, the experiences of the disaster rescuers and disaster survivors and the issues in the implementation of the programs and ordinances. The study made use of the qualitative method of research. The respondents of this study were 3 LGU employees, 3 disaster rescuers and 3 disaster survivors. The respondents were chosen through purposive sampling. An interview guide was used as the main tool for a face to face interview with the respondents. Results showed that there are 5 programs and one ordinance made by the LGU wherein earthquake drills and the basic life support training are the most known by the LGU employees. Dolores prepares for disasters by conducting trainings, information dissemination through Dolores Online and a text blast. Rescuers encountered several problems such as late reports and blocked roads while the survivors had issues with the rescuers not being present during the disaster. Lack of community participation was the main problem of the LGU in implementing the programs and ordinances together with lack of manpower. Based on the findings and conclusions drawn, the following recommendations are forwarded: (1) The programs and ordinances must be known to the public to gather more participants and representatives per barangay should be sent to participate in seminars, workshops, and trainings. (2) Create more ordinances in connection with the Disaster Risk Reduction Management. (3) More recruits of disaster rescuers for more manpower. Trainings and workshops should also be scheduled. (4) The community should also participate in the activities, programs, seminars conducted by the Local Government Unit of Dolores, Abra.