HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2020)

Stress Sources of Teachers in Asean Perspective and in Public Secondary School Teachers

Leila P. Canoy

Discipline: Education



Stress sources affects the job satisfaction and teachers’ working condition. Hence, this study identifies the stress sources the school teachers in ASEAN countries and in the Division of Agusan del Sur, Philippines. ASEAN stress sources of teachers are determined through reading of literatures while data from the Division of Agusan del Sur were taken from qualitative research methodology on actual experiences of the public secondary school teachers. Interview questions were validated by pool of experts. Focus Group Discussion and face to face discourse were conducted to dig-deeper into the problem. It was found out that similar to ASEAN region countries, except Brunei and Singapore, teachers’ stress sources which were associated with work-related, monetary issues, extra work and personal factors. Work-related stresses and low salary are the top two stress sources. Work related include curriculum implementation, provisions of teaching materials and equipment, extra workloads, behaviour of the students and others. Monetary issues include low salary and indebtedness. Teachers need adequate provisions and increase of salary based on economic inflation. It is recommended for Department of Education to revisit and design new framework for educational reforms, programs and projects to address teachers’ needs.