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HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2020)

Dropouts from the Public Elementary Schools: Basis For Drop Out Reduction Program (DORP)

Ruth C. Cuesta

Discipline: Education



The number of pupils who dropped out from the formal school system is one of the major problems faced by the different schools today. The study was conducted to identify the reasons for dropping out of pupils from school. This study applied the procedures of qualitative and quantitative research in the selection of participants, data collection and data analysis. Dropouts, parents and teachers cited reasons for dropping out from school which included social, behavioral, economic and educational factors. They also expressed the same idea on the detrimental effects of dropping out from school on the lives of the dropouts. These findings made them realize their roles in helping the drop outs transform themselves into responsible pupils as manifested in the behavioral and educational factors when they returned to school. An approach to reduce the incidence of dropping out from school entitled Community Assistance for Reducing Dropouts (CARD) was designed to describe the contribution of the parents and other stakeholders in the reducing the number of dropouts in the public elementary schools of Prosperidad Districts. The approach hopes to strengthen the home-schoolcommunity collaboration to save pupils at risk of dropping out from school.