HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2020)

Availability and Usability of ICT Based Medical Welfare among Health Workers in Nigeria for Improved Health Care for Workers

Alaba Adebola Oladiji | Anthonia Ayobami Oyelade

Discipline: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)



The productivity of Nigeria workers is based on their physical and physiological well-being. Based on modern practices in medical profession which renders available medical facilities within the world global village available to third world and developing countries, and the provision in workers welfare packages in Nigeria of which teaching workforce across levels of education belongs, this paper investigated availability and usability off shore facilities and interactions between local medical personnel and their developed world counter parts in solving health problems of workers in Nigeria. Findings showed that the use of e-health or ICT based material for solving the patient’s problems by health workers is still at lowest ebb in the country. The study suggested Building ICT awareness / skills on the potentials of ICTS for e-health in the sector through introduction of ICT communication in all health training institutions including medical and research institutions, nurses training institution, school of medical technology and retraining of already qualified medical practitioners is necessary. Also, budgets for sustainability are ‘ensured such that ICT are integrated into all budgetary processes and approach to health management. Also, internet protocol should be harnessed by developing policies for sharing of patient medical information through the use of ICT while taking into cognizance issues of trust confidentiality and security of patient information and ensuring its timely delivery as it affects life or death situation of the individual. Lastly the study suggested the promotion of the establishment of favorable legal and policy environment for e-health.