HomeSoutheastern Philippines Journal of Research and Developmentvol. 24 no. 1 (2019)

Predictors of Passing Probability in the Licensure Examination for Selected Programs in the University of Southeastern Philippines

Eleonor T Callena | Bonifacio G Gabales Jr | Rosalinda P Tutor | Shirley S Villanueva | Christopher C. Gonzales | Angel V De Vera, Jr | Sheila B Caberte | Virginia P Barbara | Nillas Jay Acerbo | Anastacio G. Pantaleon, Jr.

Discipline: Education



Performance of higher education institutions in licensure examinations is reflective of the effectiveness of their curricular programs. This study employed a causal design to evaluate graduates’ academic attributes that can potentially determine the likelihood of passing the state-administered board examinations. Considered predictor variables are ratings in University admission test, average high school and college general point averages as well as course grades in major and professional courses. The test of significance of these variables was derived from a binary logistic regression. Results of the evaluation indicated that performance indicators varied across programs. The implications on students’ academic attributes, the institution’s admission and retention policy, assessment practices and quality assurance mechanisms are discussed.