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Filipino Seafarers’ Use of Facebook to Cope with Homesickness

Maricel L. Garinga | Alexandria L. Laylo | Carla A. Villareal



Nowadays, technology is one of the factors that helps OFWs all around the globe. Using applications like Facebook helps them to relieve their stress by using different features of the application. Through Facebook, seafarers may communicate with their families and friends despite the physical distance. This study aimed to determine the Filipino seafarers’ use of Facebook to cope with homesickness. The researchers used random sampling to obtain the required information. The researchers surveyed Magsaysay Training Center seafarers who have years of experience working on board. Before the actual survey, the researchers pre-tested the questionnaire for thirty seafarers who also have years of experience. Then, the researchers conducted a survey among eightyfive respondents in the said training center in Ermita, Manila. The researchers found out that most of the respondents connect with their families from 1-2 hours only since most of them were trained being away from their families because of their long years of service on board. Their main purposes of the Filipino seafarers’ use of Facebook is for entertainment and communication. Messenger is the most used feature of Facebook. The main use of Facebook among Filipino seafarers is to cope with homesickness and entertainment. Some of the respondents also use Facebook for social interaction. By using Facebook, they maintain their relationship with their families, even if they are far from each other.