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Influence of Social Media on Customers’ Buying Behavior in Selected Casual Dining Restaurants in Laguna

Jasmin Belen | Jonathan M. Maglinao | Sofia Aren Chloe D. Sorezo



This study is about the influence of social media in customers’ buying behavior in selected casual dining restaurants in Laguna. All the responses were rated as completely build up according to the influence of social media in customer buying behavior in casual dining restaurants. This study sought to answer the following questions (1) the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of age, sex, location, marital, status, job status, monthly income, and educational attainment; (2) the influence of social media in terms of popularity, buying behaviour, product improvement, service improvement; and (3) the significant difference between the demographic profiles and the influence of social media in the customer buying behavior. The researchers used descriptive type of research design and used survey method to gather and measure the variables that are related to each other in relation with our study. The researchers have found that majority of the respondents are millenials with the age bracket of 18-25 years old, respondents that have social media are mostly employed and has a huge influence in finding information. The demographic profile of the respondent does not affect customers buying behavior.