HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Managementvol. 4 no. 1 (2018)

The Quality of Work-Life Balance among Employees of Bayleaf Hotel Cavite-Basis for Continuous Improvement

Hannah Joyce Abao | Darwin Castillo | Mary Grace Laluz



The main goal this study was to unveil the work life balance of the employees within the hospitality industry. Without this, the employee’s personal life and work life could collide somewhere in the middle, causing both to suffer. The researchers assessed the work performance of the workers in Bayleaf Hotel Cavite in order to know how they cope in a fast-paced hospitality industry. There were a total of 40 respondents who participated in this study. Most of the employees from the chosen hotel were single, and majority of them were fresh graduates. Almost everyone were working full time for less than five years since the establishment only started their operation last June 2016. Most of the participants were from food and beverage department because they had the wide range among any other departments. Employees of Bayleaf Hotel Cavite admitted that they were having doubts on their efficiency. Also, they mentioned that they did not have much time for travelling. Lastly, they were no longer enthusiastic to execute their job. The researchers proposed a plan of action that can help Bayleaf Hotel Cavite to further improve its services.