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Customer Satisfaction and Level of Motivation Among Airbnb Consumers in Makati City, Philippines

Ryan Joseph Calinao | Andrea M. Alcantara | Lyre Iris L. Bermejo



Travelling, which does not involve costly arrangements and accommodation, has become a frequent mission of travelers. As a result, there has been a rise of online platforms that enables them to do so, one of them is Airbnb. It is an intermediary online marketplace facilitating bookings of accommodation between guests, the travelers who book the accommodation, and hosts—room providers posting pictures of vacant accommodations on the Airbnb website. Online hospitality services provider, Airbnb, currently has a network of around 32,000 homes in the Philippines located in Makati City, Cebu, Palawan, and Boracay. This study was conducted to gain a better understanding of the satisfaction and level of motivation of consumers towards Airbnb’s accommodation in Makati City through assessing the significant relationship when measured in terms of demographic profile of the respondents and different factors such as pricing, location, authentic experience, uniqueness of unit, ease of booking, and size of accommodation. This research utilized a descriptive method and a quantitative approach. Based on the findings, there is a high level of motivation and customer satisfaction among consumers of Airbnb. The results showed that demographic profile does not affect customer satisfaction and level of motivation. However, a significant relationship was found between the latter two. This research helps broaden the vision of the students, professionals, and officers under the hospitality industry to have a better understanding of Airbnb. It may also offer valuable marketing insights for Airbnb, its hosts, and competing accommodation firms through highlighting more general characteristics of consumer preferences and behavior.

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