HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Managementvol. 4 no. 2 (2018)

Entrepreneurial Motivations of the Airbnb Business in Makati City

Ryan Joseph Calinao | Nichole Aubrey A. Atenta | Nicole S. Rioflorido



The sharing economy sector has had its drastic growth of popularity in terms of accommodation which is Airbnb. With the massive growth and expansion it experiences, the motivations on participating in such economy is still under investigation. This study investigates the entrepreneurial motivation of the Airbnb business in the Makati City area. Methodologically, the study utilized the descriptive research design and quantitative research approach. Researchers used random sampling for the survey. Findings show that majority of the hosts are millennials that are aged 28 – 37 years old. The respondents from Makati City were economically and socially motivated to start an Airbnb business. It reveals that the key indicators that motivate the respondents are it ‘gives business opportunity’ and its ‘mobile application makes it accessible everywhere.’ The study shows that there are significant differences between the motivation factors and respondents’ demographic profile in terms of monthly earnings, civil status, and educational attainment. The economic motivation is influenced by monthly earnings and educational attainment. Thus, the social motivation is affected by the respondents’ civil status. These factors are the drivers of hosts in engaging to Airbnb listings in Makati City. It shows that anyone can be an Airbnb host regardless of their age, sex civil status, and educational attainment. Furthermore, researchers recommend having an additional study to investigate the motivations of Airbnb hosts for participating in the sharing economy.