HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of International Tourism and Hospitality Managementvol. 4 no. 2 (2019)

Factors that Influence Seafarers’ Job Retention as Perceived by Cruise Seafarers from Three Major Cruise Fleets in Manila

Sherrine M. Catindig | Paula Andrea G. Condino | Ellane Kim S. Olivares



The main objective of this study was to know the factors that influence the seafarer’s job retention in terms of their demographic profile, work environment, working hours, salary, and benefits that they receive in the cruise industry. The researchers used a survey questionnaire for data gathering. There was a total of 150 respondents from three cruise fleet companies in Manila. Married male respondents dominated the majority of the seafarers. Most of them are around 30 ‒ 40 years old, and they have been in the industry for more than five years. The respondents did not find any problem in terms of the factors (work environment, working hours, salary, and benefits) that affect their job retention for they strongly agree that they feel belonged, safe, and secured, and they can work with flexible working schedules. Moreover, their compensations, benefits (training and medical care), and some bonuses stimulate them to work and be loyal to the company. The researchers found that there is still a high chance of retention for every seafarer as long as they feel that they are an important member of the organization.