Exploring the Online Learning Readiness of Freshman College Students

Bartman I Gacrama | Melissa B Bacena | Jon-jon Corpuz | Marijane B Acosta

Discipline: Education



Today, the use of digital technology is embedded in the day-t0-day lived experiences of college students, which provides an opportunity for educators to find a way to adapt an instructional model that harmonizes with the students’ digital life, creating a more meaningful learning experience. This study explored the online learning readiness (OLR) of the freshman college students enrolled in a private university in Northern Philippines. A cross-sectional survey design was used, and the construct was measured using an Online Learning Readiness Scale developed by Hung et al. (2010). Descriptive statistics showed that more than 50% of the students agreed that they are ready for online learning. The motivation for learning, computer/Internet self-efficacy, and self-directed learning received the highest mean scores of the online learning readiness scale. No significant differences in OLR based students’ characteristics were found, except in academic discipline. These results imply that school administrators may consider training the faculty for blended instruction and develop a learning management system to cater to the students’ readiness for elearning.