Assessment of Computer Engineering Laboratory of a Private HEI in Isabela

Esli Joy Nelmida-Fernado

Discipline: Engineering



This study described the status of the computer laboratory of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering students in one higher education institution located in the northern Philippines. It employed a cross-sectional survey design to gather data from the faculty and students. A statistical tool such as weighted mean was used in analyzing and interpreting the data collected, and the Likert scale was used in rating the evaluation of the survey conducted. The result of the study revealed that the computer engineering laboratory was rated very good by the participants in terms of rooms, utilization of equipment and supplies, maintenance and improvement, research provisions, and laboratory manuals and references. The participants also found some problems associated with the computer laboratory moderately serious. The researcher proposed that computer engineering be equipped with a stable internet connection, fully-functional software, and increase the number of computers to accommodate large class sizes.