Health-seeking Behaviors of Health Professionals of a Tertiary Hospital in the Cordillera Region

Jenny Wa-Ayan | Belinda A Ramos

Discipline: Healthcare Sciences



Health professionals are considered to be the most difficult of patients. It was an enigma that these individuals who are the providers of health care services seem to evade going for medical examinations when sick. These group of individuals should be the models of health-seeking behaviors; thus, the researchers would like to find out the health-seeking behaviors of health professionals to determine if they practice positive or negative health-seeking behaviors. The study made use of a survey questionnaire to find out the health-seeking behaviors of health professionals in a tertiary hospital in the Cordillera, Philippines. Findings showed that these health professionals practice both positive and negative health-seeking behaviors. The most common positive behavior is conferring with other health professionals, while the most common negative behavior is diagnosing and treating their illness through self-medication. It recommended that health professionals must not refrain from assuming patient-role to remain healthy for the sake of the community they serve.