HomeInternational Journal on Social Innovation & Researchvol. 11 no. 1 (2020)

Challenges, Difficulties, and Opportunities of Nurses during COVID-19 Pandemic: an assessment of Disaster Nursing Care experience

Angeline L. Anastacio



This is a descriptive qualitative study using phenomenological approach involving 46 nurses working in hospitals that cater to COVID-19 patients. This was conducted in April 2020. Results show that the challenges of nurses during the tour of duty in COVID-19 wards include physical, procedural, psychological and protection. Likewise, nurses uncovered some difficulty with regard to the following experiences: struggle to be in complete PPE and with lack of PPE, not always being able to provide timely care, increased workload, nursing care limitations, their risk to safety and having anxiety. This most often leads to some opportunities that bridge the gap towards achievement of their personal development and professional growth, as such, nurses became more compassionate, confident, resilient and resourceful, altruistic, and developed a stronger faith in God. Their leadership skills were also enhanced as they learned new knowledge and enhanced skills through education, trainings and experience. All the challenges and difficulties became avenues for the nurses to be able to unleash their potentials and further develop them into God fearing and humane health care providers. Furthermore, the nurses being in the forefront of health care should be given assurance of safety and protection. Likewise, the nurse should closely adhere to standard protocol designed for COVID-19 infection control. It is, thus, recommended that there should be effective communication system to address issues and resolve conflicts. Lastly, emotional support and positive feedback should be given to nurses during the critical situations in the ward and collaborative working environment should be established all the time.