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Ecological Awareness and Practices Text Analytics: A Prelude to Retooling Teachers

JOEY M. DE LA CRUZ | Excel Philip B. Guidang



Retooling teachers improve the quality of education and open the door for employability. It is a remedy to cope up with the fast-changing times. This study aimed to generate an analysis of the awareness and practices in the ecology of Graduate school students. Specifically, it achieved the following objectives: a) Determined the student’s statements on ecological awareness and practices through paragraph writing; b) Generated the statistics, trends, and cirrus using various free online text analysis tools; and c) Developed an instructional Vol. 31 · March 2020 Print ISSN 2244-1573 · Online ISSN 2244-1581 International Peer Reviewed Journal Journal Metrics: H Index = 2 from Publish or Perish This journal is included in Thomson Reuters Journal Masterlist Published by IAMURE Multidisciplinary Research, an ISO 9001:2008 certified by the AJA Registrars Inc. material using a formed word cloud. This study mines the paragraphs that form a document of 54 graduate school students in the research methodology class. These students as respondents are private and public school teachers. The documents are dissected and grouped into: a) number of words is 12407; b) lexical density is 15.1769; c) number of sentences is 841; and d) number of syllables is 20283. The study found out that retooling teachers on ecological practices are necessary. The teachers do not practice all of the 5Rs. The common ecological practices of the teachers are recycle, reduce and reuse. Teachers are aware of the waste and garbage problems but have decreasing attention in protecting and saving the environment. An instructional material can be developed using formed word cloud from the prominent words used by the respondents in their statements on ecological awareness and practices. The study recommends that the teachers should undergo intensive training, orientation, and information drive on the practice of 5R.