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Growth Performance of Broilers Fed with Piper betle L. Leaves as Soilage




The study evaluated the growth performance of broilers fed with Piper betle leaves as soilage. Specifically, it aimed to determine the effects of betel leaves as soilage in feed consumption, body weight, water consumption, weight gain, percentage growth rate, feed conversion efficiency, feed conversion ratio, dressing percentage, pancreas, and liver weight. Results revealed that 12% Piper betle as soilage (T4) consistently outgrown the broilers fed with 8% (T3), 4% (T2) and control (T1) in terms of body weight, feed consumption, gain in weight, and income overfeeds, soilage, chick cost, and miscellaneous cost. Percentage growth rate, feed conversion ratio (FCR), feed conversion efficiency (FCE), dressing percentage with and without giblets were comparable among treatments. Similarly, data showed that pancreas and liver weights did not differ Vol. 32 · July 2020 Print ISSN 2244-1573 · Online ISSN 2244-1581 International Peer Reviewed Journal Journal Metrics: H Index = 2 from Publish or Perish This journal is included in Thomson Reuters Journal Masterlist Published by IAMURE Multidisciplinary Research, an ISO 9001:2008 certified by the AJA Registrars Inc. among treatments and did not exceed within the maximum limits of toxicity, indicating no toxic substances and deleterious effects in feeding Piper betle as soilage regardless of the level of inclusion. Hence, safe as feed for broiler’s.