HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 9 no. 1 (2019)

Faculty and Student’s Perception of the Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Performance




Student’s academic achievement plays an important role in the academe since it reflects the quality of education. The study aims at discovering which of the five factors: school-related factors, teacher-related factors, homerelated factors, and cadet-related factors, as perceived by the faculty and cadets, is most likely to impact student’s academic performance. Further, an intervention program was explored to address the academic needs of the students. The descriptive-quantitative approach was used to determine the perception of the faculty and students on the factors affecting the academic performance of the students. Using percentage, weighted mean, independent samples t-test, and analysis of variance, data from an adopted questionnaire by Alos, Caranto, and David (2015) which was modified accordingly to fit the context of the research locale, as well as interviews, were analyzed. Findings revealed that school-related and teacher-related factors have the greatest impact on the students’ academic performance. Further, there is a significant difference between the perception of faculty and cadets of the factors that affect the latter’s academic performance. The intervention programs recommended were: send teachers to trainings; conduct a seminar about healthy studying techniques; encourage cadets to talk to the Guidance personnel; create study groups; and conduct remedial classes.